Warren McCullough Studio

On-Camera Acting Class

"If I had a friend or relative in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was interested in acting, the first thing I would do is send the person to Warren."

~Anita Jesse, L.A.'s premier acting coach


Do You Know?

Do You know how to read a film script?

Do you know what a master shot is, a medium shot, a close up? Do you know how to adjust your perfomance based on these camera frames?

Do you know how to slate and transition into your scene?

Do you know what continuity is?

Do you know how to read with a casting director?

Do you know what sides are?

Do you understand eye lines?

Do you know the proper way to hold your script during an audition?

Do you know what ADR is and how to do it?

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These are but a few things every actor should know! If you answered "NO" to any of these questions and are serious about your career, SIGN UP TODAY!

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