Warren McCullough Studio

On-Camera Acting Class

"If I had a friend or relative in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was interested in acting, the first thing I would do is send the person to Warren."

~Anita Jesse, L.A.'s premier acting coach


Private coaching

Warren offers private coaching to fit your needs or schedule. Individual lessons will be held at the class location or suitable location that is determined between you and the instructor.


Don't have time for class?

Want help preparing for an audition or a role?

Do you learn better in a one on one situation?

How much time do I get?

The minimum private coaching lesson is one hour. After that, it's up to you. Warren will work with you until your needs are met, you feel confident with your performance and you are prepared to move forward.

Private coaching fee

         Private coaching is available for $50 an hour or $75 for two hours.

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